Why Invest?

USA is experiencing the Lowest Price Points in over 20 years:
Real Estate prices have obviously decreased dramatically in the U.S. over the past 5 years.  Prices have not been at this level since the late 1980's. As an investor, it is all about timing the market and buying low and selling high (and holding onto the property for massive casflow in between the buying and selling stages).  USA has declared itself as a buyers market so the window of opportunity is wide open (but for how long)?
USA Cities with a Very Strong Rental Market increases your CashFlow:
  • When you mix low price points with high rent rates, that equals a very high ROI/NET Cash on Cash Return.  You will see NET ROI of 12-20%+ in the U.S. Markets that we have turnkey investment property available
  • Real Estate in the USA is on Sale!  The key question is How much longer will it be on sale? Taking massive action is the only solution to take advantage of this incredible buyers market that is American real estate investments.
  • Appreciation in 5-7 years. Cash Flow investors are buying today with a goal in place. They want to cash flow massively for 5-7 years and ride the appreciation wave that is to come in the U.S. They are timing the market by purchasing at very low price points and then eventually selling when the USA turns into a sellers market. Real estate has always been about location but it is also very crucial to keep in mind the timing of your real estate transactions. For America, the time is now to buy and hold.
The overall mood in America is changing:
Realtors/Investors/Consumers, etc. are encouraged and feel the market has turned for the better.  You see people in the malls buying goods while the restaurants are packed every night.  You no longer hear people saying that they cannot do something or spend any money or that they need to save and they are worried about the future. I believe this is the crucial key as to why Right Now is the best time to invest in the USA. The mood of the country has turned which means things will only get better from here on out.
Multi-Generational Wealth
This is one of the best opportunities to create wealth for you and your family through USA real estate investments. The best part about passive income is that it can be passed down from generation to generation. Leaving a legacy becomes a lot easier when you own many great passive income properties in appreciating markets.
Other signs on the USA real estate recovery and why Foreign Investors are buying here in the United States:
  • Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), says there are reasons to believe that the US housing recovery is on the right track. Jobs are coming back, people are buying homes, and home prices are stabilizing, he says.
    • The weak American dollar represents two opportunities for foreign capital. First, the weak dollar allows more property purchased per foreign currency unit. Second, when the dollar rebounds, the investment value increases again, making the real estate investment doubly attractive to foreigners
  • It has also been reported that more than 25 per cent of all residential sales in Florida last year were to international buyers. South Florida was the first US market to crash, and it is South Florida again that is signaling the newest trend of a recovery.
  • According to hits on TheMoveChannel.com website, Michigan is the present chart-topper for overseas buyers interested in US property. Managing director Dan Johnson says that, like Florida, it is another area of knockdown prices.